At McArdle & Vosskuhler, PC, we understand that dealing with family law issues can be frightening. Your life has been turned upside down. Your vision of the future has become cloudy and uncertain.

We also understand, as an experienced family law firm, what is needed to get you back on track, to course-correct your future. You need a law firm that is sensitive to your needs, appreciates your unique position in life. We are attorneys who are knowledgeable about the nuances of family law, aggressive with opponents when necessary, and ready to fight for your rights.

We Are That Law Firm — Knowledgeable, Aggressive And Prepared

We at McArdle & Vosskuhler, PC, are a respected and experienced law firm, practicing exclusively in the area of family law. We are sensitive to each individual client's family issues and work hard to ensure the most informed and financially favorable result in every case.

We have dedicated our professional careers to helping clients just like you navigate tough family law cases, including:

Hardworking, Experienced Attorneys Who Listen

We are here to help you through each step of your case. Our lawyers focus only on family law because we enjoy working with people and working closely with our clients. We are different from most firms. You will not become lost in the size of the firm, or fall victim to a caseload that cannot be managed. You as the client are our ultimate priority.

As experienced attorneys, we believe it is important to hear and understand all of a client's concerns, and to guide them through whatever family law matter is before them. Thorough discussion of all factors involved and a description of the legal options allows our clients to fully understand the legal objectives that are most important in their case.

Personal Attention From Attorneys Who Care

We believe in providing personal attention to our clients. We return calls and emails quickly and do everything possible to provide a reasoned response to your needs or questions. When you have a question or concern, it is addressed as quickly as possible by an informed attorney with personal knowledge of your case.

The partners in our firm are Lisa McArdle and Derek Vosskuhler, a certified family law specialist in California, who has almost 20 years of family law experience. To learn more about our attorneys, click the links below.

Call us in Newport Beach at 949-864-6339, or reach us online, to let us help you prepare for your future today.