Child Custody And Visitation

Ending a marriage or partnership is hard. And it becomes even harder when children are involved. Custody battles over children can be one of the worst types of litigation. Court hearings can be very emotional and highly stressful. Indeed, these types of hearings, where both legal and physical custody of a child are determined, are usually the most difficult period in a family law case.

Determining custody is complicated by the fact that there are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody establishes which parent retains the right to make the educational, medical and religious decisions of the child. Physical custody is the time the child literally resides with a parent. Although sole custody can be granted when it is in the best interest of a child, custody decisions start out favoring some form of joint custody and a detailed visitation plan.

Entrust Your Custody And Visitation Issues To A Certified Family Law Specialist

At McArdle & Vosskuhler, PC, we have extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of custody and visitation cases. Our attorneys will work closely with you, whether your matter is simple and uncontested in nature, or complex and requires us to aggressively protect your rights and the rights of your children.

Lawyer Derek Vosskuhler is a certified family law specialist in California. He has almost 20 years of actual experience as a family law practitioner and has passed a grueling exam that tests one's ability to think analytically, assess facts and apply family law concepts to those facts. You can trust McArdle & Vosskuhler, PC, to advocate on behalf of you and your children with compassion, confidence and the legal know-how to succeed.

Move-Away Cases Are Our Specialty

When one parent wants to move out of the county, state or country and intends to take the children with them, this often causes great hardship to the other parent when exercising their visitation rights. Very often the parent who is not moving disagrees with the move and feels helpless to stop their spouse from moving and taking the children.

Our Newport Beach attorneys are extremely experienced in cases involving complex move-away custody and visitation matters. We have the ability to take on these highly complex cases and thoroughly go through every detail to ensure your visitation rights are not violated.

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