Divorce And Legal Separation

Dealing with the prospect of divorce is difficult. Whether you are contemplating divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, the decisions you make at this point in your marriage can have a lasting impact on you, your family and your assets. Divorce is a serious matter and it should be handled by a law firm with serious skills.

At McArdle & Vosskuhler, PC, we understand this and know how to get you the best results possible. We look at the facts of your case, treat your case with individuality, and establish a game plan based upon those facts. We will guide and protect you through the process, whether it is an uncontested case where a gentler approach may be appropriate or a fiercely contested case where an aggressive approach might be better suited for dealing with extensive assets and complex custody and support issues.

In every case, we are committed to standing by you and working with you to protect your rights and those of your family. Our reputation as exceptional attorneys who are admired by judges and peers alike goes a long way in helping us obtain the results you desire.

Domestic Partnerships And Same-Sex Marriages

In California, same-sex couples and domestic partners who file a declaration of domestic partnership have the same rights and obligations as spouses who are married. Our Newport Beach attorneys have experience in domestic partnership cases and are skilled at dissolving issues that arise in such cases, including support, custody and property division. We also represent couples involved in same-sex divorces, which are treated no differently than opposite-sex divorces.

Legal Separation And Annulment

Divorce is not always the answer to resolving marital issues. Sometimes, couples wish to maintain their marital status while living apart. Other times, divorce is not a legally viable option. Sometimes, divorce is not an alternative because of a person's religious beliefs or the need to maintain a partner's health insurance coverage.

Legal separation and annulment are two alternatives to divorce that may be available based on your situation. In these types of cases, property can still be divided, child custody can still be determined, and spousal and child support still set. Our lawyers can advise you as to which option might be best for you.

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