Enforcement And Modifications Of Orders And Judgments

Your divorce has been finalized. The amount of child support and spousal support has been set. Now, months or years later, your former spouse has stopped paying court-ordered support. Or, you discover that your former spouse is making significantly more money than he was at the time of your divorce. Or maybe you have been laid off from work and have fallen on hard times.

What do you do when your former spouse refuses to pay the support you are due? What can be done when the amount of support you receive is no longer fair, or the amount of support you have been ordered to pay is no longer within your financial means?

How Can I Be Sure I Am Getting What I Deserve?

Luckily, measures can be taken to get your case back in front of a judge to compel a dead-beat spouse to pay what is due. Even after a divorce is final and an agreement is filed with the court, modification of an order or judgment may be possible if there has been a change of circumstances. Whether you have a child support modification issue, or a new domestic violence incident has occurred, you have the right to have enforcement and modification motions heard by the court.

We Are Here To Help You Get What Is Due

Our attorneys are experienced in protecting your rights, ensuring that new court orders are in place to modify existing orders based upon changes that affect you and your children. We will guide you through the legal process to ensure that any claims for support are accurate and that you are not held liable for support you cannot afford or are not responsible to pay.

In addition to the examples above, other changes in circumstances include changes in a child's needs, changes in custodial arrangements and remarriage to another party. Sometimes, the passage of time itself can constitute a change of circumstances sufficient to warrant modifying an existing support order.

Our lawyers can also help you determine whether your former spouse has experienced a change in their financial status. Are you entitled to more support money from them because of an undisclosed salary increase, or an unexpected windfall from a relative's estate? Under California law, you are eligible to file an Income and Expense Declaration once per year to find out just how much your ex-spouse is earning. And we can help you file the necessary paperwork to do so, ensuring that your support payments are in the amount to which you are entitled.

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