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An ex being a narcissist can add to the challenges of co-parenting

Many aspects of post-divorce life can have challenges. For parents, this can include co-parenting. What sorts of difficulties a parent could end up encountering in connection to co-parenting can be impacted by numerous factors. This includes the characteristics of their ex. Certain traits in an ex could create some additional challenges when it comes to co-parenting. One such trait is narcissism.

When a person’s ex has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it can greatly impact how the ex acts towards them and the kids. This can raise some difficulties when it comes to working with one’s ex as part of the co-parenting relationship. It can also cause a person to have concerns about how their ex’s narcissistic behavior is affecting the kids.

A recent Huffington Post article gave some co-parenting tips for parents with an ex with narcissism. These tips include:

  • Providing a safe and loving environment for the kids.
  • Trying to cushion the impact the ex’s behavior has on the kids through giving the kids strong support.
  • Acknowledging that they won’t be able to change their ex.
  • Setting up non-negotiable routines and structures regarding co-parenting.

In regards to that last point, one of the things such structures and routines can be set up in is the child custody agreement. Thus, having an ex who is a narcissist could impact what sorts of terms a person might want included in such an agreement. Experienced divorce attorneys can advise individuals on what terms could be included in a child custody agreement to address particular concerns they have, including concerns related to the characteristics of their ex.

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