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The court will decide how much child support is due

There are times when parents can't agree as to how much money should be paid to take care of a child or children. In this case, the court will have to step in and make a final decision.

In short, the judge must decide on an amount based on a variety of factors. In California, there is a formula in place to calculate how much one parent should pay the other in child support.

Note: It is very rare for a judge to be able to order child support that differs from the guideline amount.

The guideline calculation is based on the following:

-- The amount of money that both parents earn.

-- The time that each parent spends with the child.

-- The amount of other money that each parent receives.

-- The number of children that the two people have together.

-- The tax filing status of both parents.

-- Whether or not either parent pays child support related to another relationship.

-- Health insurance expenses.

-- Mandatory retirement contributions.

-- Mandatory union dues.

-- The cost of uninsured healthcare costs.

As you can see, the court takes many details into consideration to decide who owes child support and how much should be paid.

At our law firm, we know that many people have questions in regards to child support and custody. This is never a simple thing to deal with, but with the right knowledge you'll feel better about the future. We do whatever it takes to help our clients better understand their situation and responsibilities.

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