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Signs that your spouse is hiding assets in a divorce

One of the most common illegal activities in divorce cases is one spouse hiding assets from the other to cheat the person from receiving the full division of property deserved. Although this is usually relevant to couples in which one spouse handles all the finances, it's also possible when both are involved or even have a joint business. These are the warning signs to look for to determine if your spouse is hiding assets from you. If any apply to your situation, hire an attorney to help you locate the assets so you receive a fair and honest divorce settlement.

How to separate your finances before filing for divorce

Divorce can be emotionally overwhelming and complex. You may be focused on still trying to make the marriage work or getting out as quickly as possible. You may worry about the future of any children you have with your spouse. These things are important, but you also need to remember your financial security to avoid making mistakes that will affect you and your family in the long term. Get started by separating your finances before filing for divorce.

How debt is divided in divorce

Many of the legal aspects of divorce focus on splitting assets and custody of children if applicable. However, property division not only includes what you own but also what you owe. You have to divide your debt as well. Although you both are responsible for any debt you incurred while married, paying it isn't as simple as splitting the balance 50/50. There are many considerations for dividing debt in divorce in California to make it as fair and smart as possible.

How to divorce a narcissist

Have you and your spouse decided to move on from your relationship? Are you concerned about what the future will bring, as your soon to be ex-spouse is a narcissist?

How Separation Can Hurt You Financially

When a marriage is in trouble and both partners are unable to live together any longer but not ready to file for divorce, separation is often their choice. Separation serves an important need. In a sense, it allows both partners to go to their corners, regroup and figure out the next step. Sometimes, you just need some breathing room.

5 important reasons for everyone to have a prenuptial agreement

To some couples, there are no two words that are more of a buzzkill than prenuptial agreement, and you or your future spouse may feel that it shows a lack of faith in your relationship. The truth however, is that for every 1,000 marriages in the U.S. during a one-year period, 19 of them ended in divorce, according to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research. In spite of these kinds of statistics, it is natural to believe lasting love will get you through the hard times. While you may not want to think about it, entering into this contract with your future spouse may actually strengthen your marriage and provide you with support during those difficulties. Check out these five important reasons to create a prenuptial agreement.

Is my standard of living going to change if I get divorced?

If you're considering a divorce, one thing that may deeply concern you is the thought of spousal or partner support-what was previously called alimony. Whether you'll potentially have to pay your ex-spouse or receive support from him or her, you probably have a lot of trepidation about going forward with your divorce before you know what those future dollar figures could be.

What if you're breaking up your marriage and your co-owned business?

Every divorce is different, but one thing is a constant: it's extremely complicated. You undoubtedly share property, including a house, you may share children and you may also be partners in a business you started together. All of this has to be carefully considered, planned for and settled fairly and amicably for you to move on with your personal and professional life.


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